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야생 한국어 Wild Korean: A Fieldguide to Real Korean Conversation

야생 한국어 Wild Korean  2nd Edition
ISBN-13: 978-1484804872
ISBN-10: 1484804872

Authored by Sanghyun Ahn 
Illustrated by Douglas Holden 
Photographs by Jo-Anna Lynch, Joel S. Santiago, Tony Gwanghyun Ahn, Elliot Jaeyeon Seo 
Contributions by Jake Dongho Kang, Byuk Hwan Kim, Mi Jeong Kim 
Edited by Jo-Anna Lynch, Sean Butler, Megha Dubal, Megan Morrow 

This book is currently being used at the free Korean class, Kongbubang  offered at the Garwol welfare center near Sookmyung Women’s University station, Seoul, Korea. It’s made from the actual lesson materials of the last three years.
I started to teach Korean in the spring of 2008 and I have always thought about essential Korean expressions for expats ever since I started teaching. What is the simplest and most realistic way to teach the Korean language? That has been my guiding principle when preparing classes and making this book.
When I started to teach, I just used textbooks from a bookstore. As I taught more lessons, I started to think about the student’s needs more seriously, and came to be pickier about the textbook I used. Most students wanted to learn practical, easy, and useful Korean for real life. But much of the content in the textbooks I was using was too formal or too difficult, or the lessons were too long and uninteresting. It was very difficult to find the ideal textbook for the class. 
In November 2008, I started to make my own lesson materials for the class. Although they didn’t look as polished or professional, as I didn’t use any photos or pictures, I could teach useful expressions and vocabulary with simple grammar points. While teaching each chapter, I observed the students’ responses and adjusted the difficulty. I amended awkward or complicated expressions and made them natural and easy, considering the level of students. Also, I supplemented the lesson material with important vocabulary, explanation of grammar points, conversations, useful expressions, and exercises to help students study by themselves.
By August 2010, the first unofficial book with 150 pages was completed. It contained twenty chapters and two song lessons. After the first book came out, I continued to edit it, and now this official book is finally ready to be published.
Talking with various students of Korean made me think about what basic aspects of the Korean language are truly essential for students to learn. This idea was the starting point of this book, and I believe it’s the essential point of practical Korean lessons.

This book is best for
1. Advanced beginners who want to study more expressions, grammar and vocabulary.
2. Intermediate students who want to study conversational Korean or brush up on their Korean language skill.
3. Students who are sick of boring Korean textbooks.
4. People who want to know how real Korean people speak every day, not clumsy, overly-formal textbook language.

Table of Contents
제1과 처음 뵙겠습니다 Nice to Meet You 
제2과 포테이토 피자 주세요 I'll Have a Potato Pizza, Please! 
제3과 몇 번 버스 타야 해요? Which Bus Do I Need To Take? 
제4과 어디가 아프세요? Tell Me Where It Hurts 
제5과 영어 자막이 있어요? Does This Movie Have Subtitles? 
제6과 필드트립 같이 갈래요? Do You Want to Join Us on a Field Trip? 
제7과 편의점이 어디에 있어요? Where Is the Convenience Store? 
제8과 오늘 날씨는 어떨 것 같아요? How Is the Whather? 
제9과 어떤 스타일의 남자를 좋아해요? What's your type? 
제10과 우리 사귈래요? Will You Go Out with Me? 
제11과 질문 있어요? Do You Have a Question? 
제12과 조금만 깎아 주세요 Please Give Me a Discount 
제13과 지난주에 수업 없었어요? Homepage, Internet and Missed Lesson 
제14과 차가운 맥주는 어디에 있어요? Where Is the Cold Beer? 
제15과 여기에서 헬스 할 수 있어요? Can I Work Out Here? 
제16과 제주도 가 본 적 있어요? Have You Been to Jeju Island? 
제17과 염색 한번 해 보세요 Why Don't You Dye Your Hair? 
제18과 소포 보내러 왔어요 I Want to Send a Package 
제19과 체크카드를 잃어 버렸어요 I Lost My Debit Card 
제20과 거기, 배달 돼요? Do You Deliver? 

Appendix1 Frequently Used Verbs 
Appendix2 Basic Conjugation of Korean Verbs 
Appendix3 Dialog Translation 
Appendix4 Exercise Answer Key

Cutural Notes

The Most Polite Verb Ending – Formal Korean
Are You a Vegetarian?
Number Refresher
Visiting the Doctor in Korea
What Is Your Blood Type?
Funny (???) Konglish Jokes
Are you boring?   지루해요?
What is One Year in Korean?  일년 or 한년?
Making Korean Verbs from English Words
골키퍼 있다고 골 안 들어가요?
Korean Traditional Medical Science   한의학
Future Tense  ~ ㄹ/을 거예요 Vs. ~ ㄹ/을게요
Chinese Zodiac, 띠
The Worst Name in Korean and English
Interesting Contractions   재미있는 줄임말
죽겠다  좋겠다  좆같다
Onomatopoeic and Mimetic Words   의성어와 의태어
The New Address System vs. The Old Address System
Transitive and Intransitive Verbs   타동사와 자동사
Topic Marker 은/는 and Subject Marker 이/가


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