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Chris in South Korea, by Chris Backe
"....A highlight seen throughout the textbook are the pencil illustrations done by Douglas Holden – in some cases, they’re a way of breaking up long pieces of text, while in other cases they humorously portray some of the Korean dialogue. Across the twenty chapters, four appendices, and 18 Cultural Notes (fun reading in their own right), a set of audio files are easily downloaded from the book’s official website. There’s also plenty of vocabulary to help you perfect your own sentences instead of simply memorizing some prescribed sentences..."
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Life's an Adventure 2 – My Korean Culture Blog, by Cindy Zimmer
"....I quickly realized that it was a fantastic book that explained Korean extremely well and was enjoyable to study from. I then brought it to one of our language exchange meetups to find out what the other Korean learners thought of it. The consensus was that it’s a great book for conversational Korean once someone had the basics. You definitely need to be able to read hangeul first and have some basic understanding of Korean or you won’t be able to read it....."
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The Julie/Juila/Gisela Project, by Gisela Verdin
"...You won't find any romanization in here, the good thing about NO romanization is: You can't be lazy and will make you study harder and will improve your reading..."
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Review by Sarah Nilson
"... The layout of the book is well organised and easy to understand. There are tidbits here and there about culture and a useful appendix with conjugations and grammatical explanations..."


Sanghyun Ahn's textbook is an essential resource for those seeking to transition from beginner to intermediate Korean. He breaks down grammatical concepts into simplified rules and examples memorable for their humor. The appendix of commonly used Korean verbs contains the basic, conjugated and adjective forms. This reference is both exhaustive and useful for students at any level. In fact, I carry around a copy of his appendix to all of my Korean classes! One chapter even teaches how to explain a vegetarian diet in Korean, a topic ignored by other textbooks. This textbook has played an irreplaceable role in by understanding of and progress with the Korean Language. 
~ Megha Dubal

This book saved me from giving up on Korean! An awesome introduction to grammar for everyday situations.
~ Megan Morrow

One of the wildest and most interesting pieces of material for studying Korean. With detailed grammar formulas that help you get the general idea of the meaning of a sentence instead of incorrectly translated gibberish. 
~Kathleen Thompson

Have you seen this book? This is the best book ever!
~Unknown guy in a random bar in Hongdae

Nelson Mandela said, "If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language - that goes to his heart." Learning Korean is no small feat and at first you might feel like a monkey doing ballet or a frog out of its pond as you grapple with the sometimes seemingly incomprehensible dating habits, eating habits and habit forming habits of the culture. What Sanghyun has done is also no small feat. He has thoughtfully and most generously written a Korean language textbook that gives the foreign adventurer a guide so that he or she may begin to understand; with the goal of having the Korean language and culture go to their minds.
~ Douglas Holden

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