Saturday, September 10, 2011

Joke of the day: What's the opposite of E-mart?

I hope you like our joke series, here's the joke for today!

What's the opposite of E-mart?
이마트 반대말 뭐에요?
저마트 (Cheo-Mart)

Get it?
Ok, here's the explanation. First of all, if you don't live in Korea, you might not know what E-mart is. E-mart is a chain of stores similar to Wal-Mart or Target.

Next you should understand 이, 저 and 그.
이 (Ee)- This
저 (Cheo)- That (within sight)
그 (gu)- That (out of sight)

If you translate 이마트 as "this mart", then the opposite would be 저마트 "that mart".

Ok, this is a really terrible corny joke to Koreans, but coming from a non-Korean, it should be worth a few laughs! ^^

이, 저 and 그 are some really useful words to know and use in your daily life. Let's see some examples:

Shopkeeper- 뭐 찾으세요? (What are you looking for?)
You- 벨트 필요해요. (I need a belt)
Shopkeeper- 벨트는 어때요? (How about this belt?)
You- 벨트는 그냥 그래요. 벨트가 좋아요 (No, I don't like this belt. I like that belt)

Friend- 누구 좋아해? (Who do you like?)
You- 몰라.... (I don't know...)
Friend- 남자 좋아해? (Do you like this guy?)
You- 아니... (No...)
Friend- 남자는? (This guy?)
You- 저 남자도 싫어... (No...)
Friend- 그럼? 누구? (Then who?)
You- 상현 오빠 기억해? (Do you remember Sanghyun oppa?)
Friend- 남자!?!?! (That guy!?!?)

어휘 Vocabulary:  
찾다- to look for, to find  
벨트- belt  
좋아하다/안좋아하다-to like/to dislike  
기억하다- to remember
싫다- to dislike
그냥 그래요- so so

숙제 Homework:
Make a sentence(s) or a dialogue using 이, 저 and 그 and post it in the comments or e-mail it to us!