Friday, August 12, 2011

Webtoon: Penguin Loves Mev

For intermediate to advanced readers of Korean, Penguin loves Mev is the perfect webtoon to improve your reading skills. Penguin, a Korean woman writes about her dating (and eventually marrage) adventures with her boyfriend Mev, a British man living with her in Korea. Foreigners can easily relate to the mistakes Mev makes and the humor is something that anyone, Korean or non-Korean can understand. It is probably particularly resonant for those in multi-cultural relationships.

You can download Naver's Webtoon application for your smartphone or ipod/ipad (search: 네이버웹툰 on your app download application, like iTunes), or if you want to read it with an English translation, you can see it on the web at , just be sure to start from 1화 which is the first week's webtoon as they are listed from newest to oldest.

I hope everyone gets the chance to check this out as soon as possible! Download it onto your smartphone and read it on the subway on your way to work or on your next boring bus trip!


  1. Hi!.. this series is available only for a mid episode in webtoons.. is there anywhere i could get the English version from the beginning!?

  2. I meant the Penguin loves Mev webtoons