Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wild Korean Publication Party! You're Invited!

Wild Korean Publication Party! 
When : September 4th, Sunday, 5 ~ 7 PM
Where : New Palace ( 02-796-2043), near Noksapyong subway station, line 6, Seoul
Special Event 1 : 30 free copies for the first 30 guests
Special Event 2 : After the first 30 copies, the book will be sold at a discounted price.

Special Event 3 : Free beer (Korean draft beer) and snacks !!!
Make your reservation now and find directions on our facebook event page by clicking "Attending"

Wild Korean Publication Party Facebook Event Page

If you have any questions or requests, please contact me.
Sanghyun Ahn :


  1. How about sending a book to Mexico?
    I just enrolled on Korean Level 1 (yet again!)
    This book might be helpful to my new teacher :P
    Will you be selling it online?
    Cuz I want one!!...too bad I can't assist to the party :( *bummer*

  2. That can probably be arranged :-) I'll talk to Sanghyun for you! We will try to sell it online, but we need to work on those details once the publication is finished. There is a way to sell online on Amazon, but you need a US bank account which makes things complicated for Sanghyun.

    ps. Assist and attend and asistir and atender are false cognates
    Assist= help and attend= go to, opposite of Spanish ㅠㅠ...